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Cover of Africa Mobile Network Operators Directory 2014 with e-mail addresses and subscriber numbers (where available).

After six years of continuous development, and with sales of over 1,500+ copies, Teleresearch Labs are
delighted to introduce its latest project: The Worldwide Mobile Network Operators Directory 2017.

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The past six editions have seen several significant developments that have made today's 'WMNOD' a
highly dependable resource, or as some put it - a 'must-have' for all those looking to cater to the variety
of operator needs vis-à-vis emerging opportunities – all across the globe.

However those who took the first edition will have many good reasons to keep up-odate in this highly
voaltile market place. Existing customers too will find this edition more powerful than ever.

The 7th edition of WMNOD has been fully researched – the architecture, flow of information, penetration
rates (%age), network offerings, management contacts, e-mail addresses (direct/ individual info); share
patterns, and much more...a full and total make-over of both the data and its presentation for the vendor fraternity.

Also for the first time, data is provided in an EXCEL file as well as the traditional PDF-only format – which will provide you with a cutting edge.

If you're still not ready to delve into such advanced medium, you'll miss out on what you can do without the enhanced features (e.g. auto-correction-tools, enhanced menus, etc.) offered by the WMNOD 2016-17.

Following Region is covered in this Directory:


The Directory offers following information:

Name of the Operator – Continent and Country Wise
Brand/ Commercial Business Name
Network Portfolio
Postal Address
Phone Number(s) - Switchboard
Fax Number(s)
Online Presence/ URLs
E-Mail Address
Subscriber Growth and Penetration
Ownership/ Share Pattern
Decision Makers/ Management Contacts
Group Information

Countries Covered in this Directory (mobile penetration in brackets):


Algeria (81%); Angola (60%); Benin (21%); Botswana (94%); Burkina Faso (11%); Burundi (11%); Cameroon (29%); Cape Verde (58%); Central African Republic (15%); Chad (9%); Comores (37%); Congo (52%); Côte d'Ivoire (41%); D.R.Congo (10%); Djibouti (55.5%); Egypt (60%); Equatorial Guinea-53%; Eritrea (18%); Ethiopia (45%); Gabon (60%); Gambia (50%); Ghana (44%); Guinea (25%); Guinea-Bissau (24%); Kenya (46%); Lesotho (30%); Liberia (23%); Libya (73%); Madagascar (20%); Malawi (15%); Mali (46%); Mauritania (45); Morocco (73%); Mozambique (24%); Namibia (40%); Niger (11%); Nigeria (30%); Réunion (15%); Rwanda (15%); Senegal (62%); Seychelles (12%); Sierra Leone (20%); Somalia (13%); South Africa (91%); Sudan (26%); Swaziland (40%); Tanzania (32%); Togo (25%); Tunisia (80%); Uganda (33.50%); Zambia (32%); Zimbabwe (60%)

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